Stretching Exercises

The most challenging patients I treat seem to be those with chronic lower back pain. The patient has become frustrated, “gives up” and tries to learn to live with the pain. The problem with this approach is that as the years go by, the problem progresses to the point that it is finally unbearable. The best answer I have found for this type of patient, (having treated thousands of patients over the past 20 years) is:

  1. Appropriate chiropractic treatment for acute pain.
  2. Properly managed maintenance care to maintain optimal integrity of the spine.
  3. Disciplined home stretching program to; increase range of motion and flexibility of the supportive soft tissues.

Initially, these exercises will take about ten to fifteen minutes a day. Then, as you become more familiar with them it will take less than ten minutes each morning. The order in which these exercises are performed is important because each stretch prepares the muscles that will be used in the next stretch. As with all stretches, you should not stretch to the point of intense pain! A tolerable amount of discomfort should be more than sufficient. You do not want to pull (or tear) your muscles, or be very sore the next day.

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