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“These statistics only begin to reveal the reality of health in America. Ladies, these stats are unique to men, but your plight isn’t much different. Besides, if there are men in your life, shouldn’t you encourage them to maintain their health and offer them some hope if they change their habits? What better way than with the perfect nutrition Isagenix offers on so many levels. Check this out. The entire article is linked below.”

...Dr. Ken


(October 2010 edition of To Your Health magazine)

When it comes to health, too many men don’t seem to be paying enough attention. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) offers these sobering statistics:

“Let me evaluate a couple of these statements from the CDC. There must be a huge number of 18 and 19 year old men in America if only 12% of men are in fair or poor health while 32% are obese. Being obese (35% body fat) drops you immediately into the poor health category. It makes me wonder how they determined the 12%! High Blood Pressure IS cardiovascular disease and drops you into a fair or poor range also, regardless of your fat percentage and regardless whether or not your condition is “medically” controlled. It’s still cardiovascular disease! There are 226 million people 18 and over in the US. If only 45% of those are men, then we’re talking about 100 million people here. 32% obese relates to 32 million men. 31% with high blood pressure relates to 31 million men. You can hopefully see why these statistics are sobering.

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Good Health and God Bless,

Dr. Ken

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