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On January 2, 2009, Dr. Simpson started the Isagenix 30 Day System.

On August 10, 2009, as shown in the photos below, Dr. Simpson became the 2009 IsaBody Grand Prize winner! Click on the TV below to view the event.

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Click on the links below the photos to read and or hear Dr. Simpson's personal story of his life long challenge to finally lose the weight and read what Isagenix wrote about Dr. Simpson's journey to success. Also, please visit the Childhelp link to learn how Isagenixs is helping "one child at a time" to their right to realize their full life potential.

Dr. Simpson winning the Isabody Grand Prize

IsaBody Challenge

2010 IsaBody Challenge

Trainer(s): 2009 IsaBody Challenge® Winner Dr. Ken Simpson and 4 Star Golden Circle Dr. Ted Brooks

Motivation is key for a strong finish in the 2010 IsaBody Challenge whether you’re a participant or the coach! Listen in as 4-Star Golden Circle Dr. Ted Brooks and 2009 IsaBody Challenge Grand Prize Winner Dr. Ken Simpson share all of their tips for motivating and helping deliver the absolute best results for a winning finish.

Celebration 2010

IsaBody Showdown training call with Dr. Ted Brooks and
Dr. Simpson

Isagenix Real People, Real Results November 17, 2009.

By: Isagenix

Check out this Isagenix conference call featuring Nutritionist Dr. Ted Brooks and his wife Joyce, 2009 IsaBody Challenge Grand Prize Winner Dr. Ken Simpson, and IsaBody Challenge Winner Mark Douglas.

IsaBody Challenge Essay

By: Dr. Simpson

A personal account of Dr. Simpson's life long challenge to lose weight and how Isagenix was the answer.

Isagenix Real People, Real Results August 18, 2009

By: Isagenix

Listen to an interview conducted by Isagenix with Dr. Ken Simpson, the 2009 IsaBody Grand Prize Winner.

Isagenix Corporate Update Call August 18, 2009.

By: Isagenix

Listen to Isagenix Vice President of Field Relations, Rick Despain in an interview with the 2009 IsaBody Grand Prize Winner, Dr. Ken Simpson.

IsaBody Challenge

"Taps Into Chiropractor’s Competitive Side"

Read the article written by Isagenix about Dr. Simpson's success.

August 18, 2009 Isagenix Weekly Newsletter

Article Featuring: Dr. Simpson "2009 IsaBody Challenge Grand Prize Winner Conquers Lifelong Battle With Weight"


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