Reconditioning of the hand, wrist, and forearm must begin as early as possible. Immobilization of the forearm or wrist requires that the muscles be exercised almost immediately after an injury occurs if atrophy and contractures are to be prevented. Exercise is graduated to increase grip and pinch strength. Some of the following exercises can be employed with success. All exercises should be performed in a pain free range of motion.

1)Towel Twist

Take a towel and twist it in each direction as if wringing out water.

2)Wrist Roll

A wrist roll exercise against resistance is also an excellent forearm, wrist and hand strength developer. More specific development can be employed by the use of a resistance device such as a dumbbell. By stabilizing the bent elbow, perform wrist flexion and extension and also forearm pronation and supination.


Circumduction exercise helps to maintain joint integrity. Circling must be performed in each direction.

4)Ball Squeeze and Gripping

Two exercises that are highly beneficial for the hand and wrist are gripping and spreading the hand and squeezing a ball.

5) Prayer & Reverse Prayer Stretching

Such exercises should be performed in sets of ten, working toward an ultimate program of three sets of ten, two or three times daily.

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