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IsaBody Challenge Essay

By: Dr. Simpson

How can one even begin to explain the freedom that is experienced when your body releases the fat shackles that bind so many of us. For years I’ve struggled with issues concerning my weight and for how long I could keep it off before it crept back on again, and again. With Isagenix, my entire perspective of health and wellness has changed right before my eyes!

As a fourth grader I weighed 160 pounds and carried the then painful nickname of Skinny Kenny. Emotions of over 30 years ago still resurface when I hear someone’s weight being made fun of. Since then I’ve spent 34 years going from fat to in shape and back again, except that the fat stages were lasting longer and longer and the in shape stages were getting less and less “in shape”! For the last six years my weight could be considered obese by standards of percentage and body mass index. Even my lovely wife of 17 plus years has never seen me below the 200 pound obstacle. I’ve never even been able to play on our trampoline with my children, one of their favorite activities, due to always being too far over the manufacturers weight limits. What’s worse, as a doctor of chiropractic I spend my life educating people on the benefits of healthy lifestyles. How can any doctor in good conscience tell a patient they need to lose weight for their health when he’s obese himself?

On January 2, 2009 I started the Isagenix 30 Day System at the request of my friend, Dr. Ted Brooks. I weighed in at a whopping XXX pounds on a five foot nine inch frame and my total body measurements topped out at XXX.XX inches! Ouch! Other measurements taken were of a too high blood pressure of XXX/XX with resting pulse of XX bpm, and body fat percentage registering my obesity at XX.X% and a Body Mass Index of XX.X.

On June 15, 2009, just a short five and one half months later, my weight is down to 195.0 (Yeah! 100 pound club!) and my total body inches are at 351.75. That’s a total inches loss of over eight feet! Are you kidding me?! My average blood pressure is 115/70, pulse rate is 59 and my body fat percentage and BMI are 23.2% and 28.8 respectively! Even as a health care provider this is unbelievably amazing to me as I used no personal trainers or athletic club memberships, just good, old-fashioned at home exercise and Isagenix nutrition. I no longer have to concern myself with the hypocrisy of telling others they would feel better by losing weight. They’re now asking me how to release unwanted pounds and get healthy. Thank you Isagenix!

People have asked me how long I plan on taking Isagenix products now that I’ve reached my goal weight. The answer is so simple. “Only as long as I want to live!!”

Respectfully and grateful for Isagenix,

Dr. Kenneth R. Simpson

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