What Makes Us Sick: Our Nutrient-Poor, SAD Diet and Toxins

This excerpt is taken from the book The UltraMind Solution, written by Dr. Mark Hyman, M.D. Section 1.4, page 132

Our toxic, nutrient-poor “dietary” environment undersupplies the raw materials for proper biochemical and metabolic functioning, namely nutrients, and oversupplies a load of chemicals, additives, pollutants, and allergens. This sends the train [methylation and sulphation] right off the tracks.

The single biggest environmental influence you can control is what you eat. Remember, food is not just calories; it is information. It tells our genes what to do.

You see, the real cause of the epidemics of mental and physical illness in this country is our SAD diet – the Standard American Diet – which is nutrient-deficient and packed with chemicals that poison our bodies.

Remember the only reason we need to “enrich” our food with nutrients is that it’s “impoverished” in the first place. It is grown in nutrient-depleted soils, artificially supported with petrochemical fertilizers, protected by pesticides and herbicides, and is genetically designed to fit in boxes, be transported over long distances, and stay “fresh” for a long time.

The highly processed, nutrient-poor foods that are sold to us do exactly the opposite of enriching us. They turn off the right genes, turn on the wrong ones, and send your system into chaos.

They are literally a trigger for the loaded gun.

Dr. Kenneth Simpson photo